PKV: premium refunds at Barmenia, Debeka, Gothaer and Co

Friday, 17.10.14 , written by Sabine Temm Barmenia Health Insurance is currently paying more than € 52 million back to insured persons. With the premium reimbursement, the private health insurer rewards the cost-conscious behavior of private insured persons. Other companies such as Debeka, Gothaer and Hallesche are reimbursing premiums in the millions in 2014. >  Money back for private insured of Barmenia and Debeka and Co

Currently, Barmenia Krankenversicherung informs its customers about a premium refund. Over 83,000 people will receive contributions. Private insured persons who have not claimed their insurer’s benefits in the past will receive a total of more than 52 million euros . Depending on the number of non-performing years, Barmenia customers receive up to six monthly contributions, depending on the tariff. With the contribution repayment, Barmenia rewards the cost-conscious behavior of its insured. “Once again, many of our insured people contributed to keeping contributions stable. We recognize that, “explains Andreas Eurich, CEO of Barmenia Versicherungen.

Many PKV insured people in the Halleschen be rewarded

Barmenia is not the only private health insurer currently reporting premium refunds. In the last few weeks, other providers of private health insurance have also been sending the good news to their customers. Hallesche , for example, is paying 60 million euros back to insured persons who did not submit any bills in 2013. ” Almost every second fully insured in a reimbursable tariff benefits from the payout,” it said in a press release.

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Premium refund at Gothaer for 60,000 insured persons

Over 25 million euros is the total amount of the premium refund that Gothaer makes. 60,000 privately insured persons will be rewarded with a premium refund for a performance-free year 2013. Thus, Gothaer “returns on the expenditure side to the customers”, explains Michael Kurtenbach, CEO of Gothaer Krankenversicherung. Compared to last year, the company reimburses about one million euros more to its private insured in 2014.

Premium refund: Debeka pays more than 350 million euros

Germany’s largest German health insurance company, Debeka, also announced a premium refund last month. Due to the large number of insureds, the total amount of repayment far exceeds the amounts of the competitors: In total, Debeka Krankenversicherung charges 357 million euros . This will benefit 414,000 private insured persons of the Koblenz private insurer. In the last ten years alone, Debeka has reimbursed over three billion euros, says CEO Uwe Laue in a press release.

Performance freedom is rewarded twice

The repayments are on average often several hundred euros. Given this amount, private insured persons who have a premium refund rate refrain from submitting smaller bills to their private health insurance. This not only gives them the opportunity to recover money from their insurance during a performance-free year. Companies can also reduce their administrative expenses through fewer invoices submitted, which in the end can benefit the entire insurance collective.

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