Bundesrat concedes inheritance tax reform for detention

Sunday, 10.07.16 , written by Anja Schlicht Inheritance tax reform continues to be delayed. After initially the coalition could not agree on a common line for months, the Federal Council has now referred the bill to the Conciliation Committee. Some adjustments are not strict enough for the countries. Now it must be nachgehandelt, at the earliest in the fall is expected to progress. >

Bundesrat blockiert Reform der Erbschaftsteuer

Tax situation for corporate heirs remains unclear

It came, as it had to come: Already when the coalition presented their plans for inheritance tax reform in June, Union and SPD encountered enormous headwinds. The Greens even questioned whether the bill is constitutional. While the government could be sure of the approval of the Bundestag because of the balance of power, a blockade in the Bundesrat emerged early on, in which the coalition has no majority . No one was surprised that the Länder referred the inheritance tax reform to the Conciliation Committee in their last Federal Council meeting before the summer break. Nothing less is to be achieved there than a fundamental revision of the new rules for company heirs .

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Inheritance tax reform: Federal Council criticizes over-privileging of company inheritances

The Finance Committee of the Länder has put forward a total of eight points, in which the inheritance tax reform has to be improved. Thus, for example, “the possibility of an interest-free deferral for up to ten years is unacceptable.” According to the previous plans, this option is to be granted to entrepreneurs who inherit business assets of 26 million euros and more. As part of a needs test, it is determined how many taxes have to be paid, but can be deferred. Overall, the federal states, which have now voted in the Bundesrat for submission to the Conciliation Committee, fear a renewed over-privileging of operational heirs.

If no compromise is reached in the Conciliation Committee, the inheritance tax reform is in danger of being completely overturned . Originally, the Federal Constitutional Court, which had cashed in on the old regulations for corporate heirs in 2014, foresees July 1, 2016 as the latest date from which the new regulations should come into force. Now the law is delayed until at least autumn.

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Occupational pension at risk? The pension funds go to the collar

Wednesday, 15.02.12, written by Mario Müller

Updated on 22.03.12 – Approximately 6.4 million Germans pay into the so-called pension fund to later receive their occupational pension. About one million pensioners currently receive payments from the cash register. In total, a change in the pension scheme would therefore affect over 7 million workers and former employees. The reason for the planned changes, according to the European Commission, is above all the future securing of pensions. The company pension scheme would also be affected by the changes.


What exactly is planned

Currently, under the Solvency II project, life insurance policies are being tightened. Accordingly, the total amount of equity capital will be increased in order to meet the promised interest and payments in the future.

(Source: http://www.financial-informer.de/infos/kabinett_beschliest_neue_eigenmittel_vorgaben_fur_versicherer_2799457)

Demographic change has contributed to the problem of pension losses and burglaries. More and more retirees face fewer and fewer actual payers in the pension fund. It creates an imbalance that ultimately has to be borne by the insuring companies. However, there are too few reserves available to compensate for this imbalance. In order to ensure the payment of pensions and endowment policies in the future, the safety regulations for the companies providing services should now be tightened considerably. Especially in times of crisis and bankruptcies, the question arises as to whether insurance companies and employers are adequately secured.

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Life insurance vs. company pension

The EU Commission sees many similarities in both models. So they both promise guaranteed interest and any surplus payments. For this reason, Solvency II should now be extended to the company pension. For some experts, this comparison lags, however, because in the absence of occupational pensions, the current employees must be liable and in the event of bankruptcy of a company, the so-called pension insurance association is ready.

Too high demands on the pension funds

If the plans of the EU Commission are to be adhered to, the pension funds would have to be increased by an estimated 40 to 50 billion euros. However, this money is not available. Another change concerns the retirement age, which should be increased by at least another 2.5 years in all EU countries. That would raise the retirement age in Germany to 70 years.


It remains to be seen whether the planned changes can actually be implemented by the EU Commission or whether they fail because of the strong opposition of the individual EU governments and the seemingly impossible requirements.

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